What services do you offer?



We offer a variety of services to an array of different industries. Our Customers are garaunteed quality care and customer service at all times in web design & development, strategic planning, creative designs, mobile apps, SEO services and business advisory. Note that these do not cover all our services. You can contact us and learn more about our company. We are available 24 hours a day and ready to serve all our clients.

How can you be reached?

Reaching us is simple and quick. You can send us an email info@suwarex.com or alternatively call us on 0115 9934200 or 0115 8756848. You can also use social platforms and learn more about our company. We are available on Facebook  also available on twitter. Once your message is delivered, one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. We do not keep our customers waiting, our services are very prompt.

How long does it take to complete a website design?

We always meet our deadlines in submitting completed projects. The time taken to complete a project is determined by the response of the client and the amount of work involved. Some website requires a lot of content and several creative designs while other do not. Basically, this will depend on the initial agreement and the nature of work involved. Our team members are committed throughout every project, whenever any work is pending. You can be assured of prompt deliveries and quality service.

Do you take into consideration SEO rules when creating a website?

As a digital market service provider we do not want our clients to pay out of pocket for SEO services after having our services, in other words we do not produce half-baked projects. Our Company has a special team consisting of SEO experts who ensure that your website has a high Google ranking. Our serices will be provided from scratch to the final touches we design websites while considering SEO rules. In addition, we guide and advise our clients on the best practices of SEO. This is an area that is prone to changes and requires consistent commitment and research.

Is it possible to speak directly to one of your team members via phone?

As a customer any of our team members will be happy to speak you and answer your questions. Any customer will be able to speak to one of our team members once you give us a call, you can talk to one of our members. Those who visit our offices also have the opportunity to interact freely with our members.

How do you charge for your services?

We offer digital services to our clients at fantastic prices. We charge our services on a monthly basis. You can click on pricing on our site to learn more.


What does “schedule a free consultation” mean?


We give our customers an opportunity to initiate a consultation meeting with us. This service is free of charge. Scheduling a free consultation refers to the process of creating a request to have a meeting with our team members. This is provided on our site where you can fill in your details, message us  the time you are available so as to avoid confusion.

Which type of firms do you serve?


We span all firms that may need digital services. Starting from  SMEs that  have just made their way into the business world to large renowned corporations, we cover them all. We offer solutions to thousands of firms irrespective of their sizes or needs. Our Company has a bank of specialists who are competent in handling various business needs.


Do you stand by clients even after the completion of projects?


At Suwarex we believe that once a client always a client. It is our sole responsibility to do a follow-up of our clients and ensure that all is well even after completing projects. In a case of any problems in the management of the websites our team will also respond and offer a quick solution. Terms and conditions concerning charges do apply.

If someone is not satisfied with the work done can he cancel the project?

There is room for canceling the projects at the initial stages. This will depend on the initial agreement among other factors. An amicable solution will always be found whenever a client is not willing to proceed with a project.

How can I be assured of quality services?

Our company is legitimate and registered in England and Wales under number 09313771. All of our team members are recruited through a thorough process and taken through training before being allowed to join our workforce. You can, therefore, be assured of high-quality services.

Is it possible to meet your team members physically?

Yes, it is possible. Our offices are located at 278-290 Huntingdon Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 3LY. You are welcome.

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